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TYPE S - Larry Chen 360 LED Smart Video Light with Power Bank

TYPE S - Larry Chen 360 LED Smart Video Light with Power Bank

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Light is truly extraordinary. The effects of light can convey a mood or a feeling. Light can be manipulated to create an environment or tell a story. The LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank is a unique, pocket-sized tool for content creators. Creators can adjust mode settings wirelessly through the TYPE S LED app, or with analog controls on the device. Primary modes include Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Hue Saturation Intensity (HSI), RGB Customization, and Scan Preset Color Effects (SCN). View and adjust color values on the brilliant OLED display. Designed with a substantial 7200mAh lithium-ion battery, the LC 360 can last over 3 hours at max light output. 

Wirelessly Adjust Light Settings: Having the ability to easily adjust light settings can make all the difference when trying to get that perfect shot. With the LC360 video light, you can wirelessly adjust the light settings with ease. Simply connect to a wireless network and open the TYPE S LED app to access a wide range of lighting adjustment options.

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